Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • Do you shoot in a studio?
    Yes, I have access to a studio if needed. I personally prefer to shoot in interesting environments, where the clients can interact with what is around them. I feel it makes for much more interesting photographs, and I’ve found that people are also more comfortable in environments that are more free.
  • How long does a typical shoot last?
    Every session is allotted at least forty-five minutes. It’s included in the price of your package. However, if you have several outfits you want to take pictures in, you can purchase additional time in 30 min. increments. However, the typical shoot doesn’t go over an hour.
  • I have a special location in mind for the shoot. Would you be able to shoot at a variety of locations?
    I can shoot at a variety of different locations, especially if they have a special meaning to you. However, if there are any costs or fees that are incurred to secure photography releases for special locations, they shall be paid by the client.
  • What time do you start your shoots?
    I like to start my shoots around 4-6:30 pm. In short, it’s because really the time for the perfect lighting. We photographers call it the “twilight hour”. It is basically the time around sunrise and sunset that make for the really stunning photographs. Around 9:30-10 am the sun reaches a point in the sky that causes really harsh overhead lighting and shadows, and it just would not look right for your shoot.
  • How do I schedule a session?
    Scheduling a session is quite simple. You can visit the “Contact Us” tab. Your shoot is not official until you receive a confirmation email.
Getting Ready
  • How do I pay for the shoot?
    I take cash, money order, check, major credit cards (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover) or debit cards with the Visa or MC logo.
  • When do I pay for the shoot?
    A NON-REFUNDABLE retainer is required ahead of time to reserve your date and time for your shoot. The remaining balance of your shoot and your print order is due at the end of your session.
  • What do I wear?
    General Tips The day of your shoot should not be the first day that you wear your outfit. Make sure it fits correctly in all the right places. All white sounds nice, but add a bit of color. Portraits/Individual sessions Quite simply, spice it up. Stay away from just a white shirt and black pants. Add splashes of color and let your personality show in your clothing. Stay away from wearing a particular pattern from head to toe. you don’t want to look like someone’s drapes. Be careful of wearing super bright neon-type colors as they tend to have an effect on your skin color in pictures. Wear something comfortable, if you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it shows in your pictures. Couples PLEASE DON’T WEAR THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT. It sounds like a cute idea, but the pictures just turn out kinda creepy. Instead, dress in a certain theme if you want to coordinate. Sky blue shirts and jeans, for instance, would be nice.
In the Heat of the Moment
  • Okay, it’s the day of the shoot, WHAT DO I DO?
    The first thing you wanna do is relax. Capturing the memories is a fun and easygoing process. Don’t be afraid to crack jokes or interact with your environment. Those moments where you let your guard down often make for the best pictures. I’m here to help you out. If we work, or rather, if we relax together we both will have an enjoyable time and your session will yield awesome results.
  • Can I bring any props?
    In short, sure you can. Small chairs or picture frames are fun elements to work into a shoot. Just be mindful, we don’t want anything too large or overpowering in the shot. If you aren’t sure about an item, ask me about it before the shoot.
  • Can my friends come?
    Of course, although I don’t advise that you bring more than 2 friends. Friends can help you feel more relaxed in a situation you might not be used to. They can help you smile a little bigger or bring more fun to the situation. They can also help carry your extra stuff (outfits, jewelry, misc items) that you or I can’t carry while we are doing the session.
Keeping the Moment

Okay, the shoot is over. Now what?

  • How long until I can view my pictures?
    It usually takes two weeks from the day of the shoot for your pictures to be ready. I go through and select the best shots and spend time editing each frame so that your memories can be preserved as best as possible. At that time, we meet back up, and go through the shoot so that you may select the photos and prints that you would like.
  • What type of things can I order?
    I have several print packages available and I also offer several different specialty items such as photo books, metal prints, and canvas prints as well. All of those specialty items are great ways to display and share those special moments and memories.